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  1. BigPete7978

    #DrinkInHand Thread

    #DrinkInHand! Happy Friday #TheGoatHouse!
  2. BigPete7978

    The Goat House Community Thread

    #HappyFriday #TheGoatHouse!
  3. BigPete7978

    The Goat House Community Thread

    Happy Friday #TheGoatHouse! #HappyFriday
  4. BigPete7978

    The Goat House Community Thread

    ...the details with VIP and some of the benefits it comes with. It will feature more permissions as well as customizations if I implement it properly. I went ahead and added the badge, but it is not fully launched on #TheGoatHouse yet. But it will be coming once I get it setup the way I want it. :)
  5. Thad Castle

    Happy New Year’s Thread

    Happy New Year #TheGoatHouse. :)
  6. BigPete7978

    2022 Predictions

    I hope so! :) Patience is virtue. I will continue to update and add on to the site. Community matters here at #TheGoatHouse.
  7. Techno

    2022 Predictions

    My main prediction for next year is that it will be a pretty big year for #TheGoatHouse, I'm not saying the sites gonna get big, but with all of the new features, combined with the fact that the gaming market is gonna have its best year since 2017 points to a potential growth. The Goat House...
  8. Techno

    2022 Predictions

    ...down on our heads. Its in only reasonable to predict things that our out of our control, and then be disappointed when they turn out not to be true. Whether its predictions for games, movies, shows, politics, or #TheGoatHouse, we can at least our ideas were better than what 2022 came up with.
  9. BigPete7978

    The Goat House Purchase Thread

    Purchased and setup the hashtag system for #TheGoatHouse! :charmanderdancing:
  10. BigPete7978

    Full Hashtag System Implemented

    Just letting everyone know that #TheGoatHouse now has a full hashtag system implemented on the site. ENJOY!