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It has been close to seven years since the first Xbox One was released. Just like all gaming companies, there was both good and bad with that console. With the hugely successful Game Pass, recent founding of “Xbox Game Studios”, as well as the Bethesda acquisition, many gamers are looking forward to where Microsoft goes from here. This is where the Xbox Series X comes into play. Yes there are two consoles for gamers to choose from, but the Xbox Series X is being regarded as the most powerful...
I have been lifting for close to 25 years. It began honestly when I started playing football, and continued through my college football career. Needless to say it became an important part of my daily regimen to living a healthy life. But once my playing days were over I quickly found out that there was more to lifting than the basic lifts. I began learning about things like yoga, the importance of cardio, and alternatives to various lifts. So now that I am trying to build an actual home gym...
Many gamers enjoy open world games. They allow for exploration and overall freedom for players. Maneater is a bit different. It is open world, has tons of pop culture references, comedic moments throughout the game, and finally even varied environments to explore. The big difference? You take on the role of a baby bull shark that is literally thrown into this world, and tasked with surviving. As you progress through the game not only will the environment change, but so will your shark...
To say that the original Final Fantasy VII changed gaming would be an understatement. It is still to this day regarded as one of the top games of all time for many gamers. The impact it had on the gaming world is still talked about to this day. In 1997 Squaresoft, now known as Square Enix, switched platforms from Nintendo’s cartridge based system, to Sony’s disc based PlayStation, and the rest is history. The game has been released on countless platforms and sold over 12 million copies...
Back in 2018 rumors began to circulate about a movie for the television series Breaking Bad, which ended in 2013. The immensely popular show was loved by both critics and fans alike. That being said, with all the success of the show, there was never a mobile game or console/PC title for the series, until now. Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is a title that was released on June 7, 2019, is a mobile game developed by FTX Games LTD. The game essentially puts you in charge of running the...
Grand Theft Auto for me began when GTA III came out. Yes I had played the previous installments on the PlayStation 1, but GTA III is where I became hooked on the series. I had a friend that came over and was trying to explain to me that you could do anything in this game, from being a taxi driver to going on a rampage in the game. I simply couldn’t understand this scope of a game, that is until I got my hands on it. This game is the sole reason I purchased a PS2, period. Fast forward to 2013...
The Diablo series has long been one of the kings of the “dungeon crawler” genre. Blizzard Entertainment first released Diablo in 1996, and it appeared on the PC and the original PlayStation. The game has had two entries following the success of the first title with Diablo II, released in 2000, and Diablo III, released in 2012. Diablo III originally was just released on the PC, but it eventually made it’s way to both the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. More recently the Xbox One, and the...

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