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Recent content by bittersweet

  1. bittersweet

    Bad Boys for Life

    It was a good movie, though it was clearly the start of a new series/franchise branch off.
  2. bittersweet

    The Goat House Community Thread

    I know the feeling man. I lost my aunt to a fire way back in college. I regretted that we had what are nothing more than stupid, pointless arguments looking back on it. I hope she rests in peace.
  3. bittersweet

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the welcome @Thad Castle
  4. bittersweet

    The Goat House Community Thread

    Howdy everyone, new face here!
  5. bittersweet

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla Announced

    I'm super stoked for this! Was curious where they were going to go next. Be interesting to see how the Assassin's Brotherhood translates from Origins and Odyssey to this.
  6. bittersweet

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for the welcome!
  7. bittersweet


    Pioneer of its time, first rated R comic flick. You could tell that Ryan Reynolds was made for the roll and they did an excellent job in consistently breaking the fourth wall.
  8. bittersweet


    Loved this movie, it was a great ending to Hugh Jackman's stint as the angry Canuck with claws and a chip on his shoulder. Logan was also a close rendition of a similar comic, albeit without the redneck, inbred Hulks haha.
  9. bittersweet

    Hello everyone!

    Hey guys, New person here and member of the community. Found you through the Showcase on TAZ, hoping to stick around and become a lasting member and presence within the community. Been looking for a semi-active community to join and participate in.
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