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Recent content by Smokey

  1. Smokey

    The Goat House Community Thread

    Hey folks, hope your Monday is going alright.
  2. Smokey

    Welcome Back Goat House!!!!

    Updates are looking good :-)
  3. Smokey

    The Goat House Presents: Xbox Series X Review

    Solid review dude! You're lucky you got one! I'm probably gonna wait til later this year before I even try to look for one.
  4. Smokey

    The Goat House Community Thread

    How's everyone doing today? :) Happy 4th of July for those that celebrate independence day! :)
  5. Smokey

    Destiny 2

    I need to get back into Destiny 2, my girlfriend is absolutely addicted to it and she got her youngest into it too :P
  6. Smokey

    Smokey here!

    I feel ya there. my own site roots back to 2009. :) It's current iteration has taken a few years to solidify :)
  7. Smokey

    Post A Picture Of Your Setup

    Yeah man, definitely, i've also seen other streamers complain about MSI laptops breaking down or having serious issues with them.
  8. Smokey

    The Goat House Community Thread

    I'm super pumped for the remake dude! I won't be streaming it due to my PS4 not being hooked up to my capture card and the way my setup is, it's a bit finicky, but i'm definitely excited for it! :D
  9. Smokey

    Smokey here!

    Thanks Pete! looks like a neat place to hang out :)
  10. Smokey

    Post A Picture Of Your Setup

    I went through 3 MSI laptops myself in the span of 2 years. won't touch them again. :P this Alienware has been solid since I got it in 2018. My protection plan runs out next year on it, but it's been rock solid. Although a few keys on the keyboard now seem to be a bit 'loose' after my E keycap...
  11. Smokey

    Smokey's stream

    Nice! if ya need any help with tech stuff relating to it, we have a forum dedicated to it, you can also jump into my discord server and use the appropriate section for support. :)
  12. Smokey

    The Goat House Community Thread

    hey folks! how's it going? :)
  13. Smokey

    Internet Browser Of Choice

    I've switched to the new Microsoft edge based on Chromium and haven't looked back :) much lighter than Google Chrome and performs just as well.
  14. Smokey

    Hey all :)

    Hey all :)
  15. Smokey

    Smokey's stream

    I stream on Mixer and actually have a section on my site where streamers can post their streams in real-time. My Mixer Stream Find other streamers to watch Promote your own streams here Get hosted by following Revillution on Mixer Official Smokey/Revillution discord
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