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  1. Thad Castle

    The Goat House Community Thread #1

    Happy 4th Of July!
  2. Thad Castle


  3. Thad Castle

    The Proposal

    Even though it is a Romantic Comedy movie, it's pretty funny.
  4. Thad Castle

    Grand Theft Auto III

    Oh wow I have not played this game in FOREVER
  5. Thad Castle

    FriendlyPerson Here! <3

    Welcome to The Goat House! #PartyAtTheGoatHouse
  6. Thad Castle

    PlayStation 5 The Future Of Gaming Show

    I think it looks awesome. I can’t wait for it! Especially with some of the exclusives that PlayStation has. Always been primarily PlayStation, should be interesting to see Xbox’s next reveal.
  7. Thad Castle

    The Goat House Presents: Maneater Review

    Awesome review as usual. Game looks like a ton of fun
  8. Thad Castle

    Welcome To The Goat House!

    Oh yeah @BigPete7978 is always down to hear suggestions. Welcome to the site :)
  9. Thad Castle

    Hello everyone!

  10. Thad Castle

    The Goat House Presents: Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

    Wow. What a review. This game seems like I will love it. I played the original a LONG time ago, and the turn based gameplay was ok, but I am glad to see they updated it.
  11. Thad Castle

    #DrinkInHand Thread

    Oh nice. I've never had that before. How did you drink it?
  12. Thad Castle

    Internet Browser Of Choice

    I've been on Firefox forever. Maybe I should look into Edge?
  13. Thad Castle

    Media Player Of Choice

    I like Plex a lot
  14. Thad Castle

    Smokey's stream

  15. Thad Castle

    BigPete7978's Mixer Stream

  16. Thad Castle

    What You Grubbing On Thread

    I ate a sandwich earlier.
  17. Thad Castle

    T-Shirt Prints

  18. Thad Castle

    Music Streaming

    I checked out the workout one, it was good! That Goat House Party one is massive!
  19. Thad Castle

    What is your Favorite Board Game?

    I like some of the traditional games like Uno, Monopoly, etc. The classics!
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