Battlestar Galactica: S03E04 Exodus (2)


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Battlestar Galactica
Exodus (2)
Season: 3
Episode: 4
Air date: 2006-10-20

Guest stars: Ty Olsson, Erica Cerra, Madeleine Parker, Emilie Ullerup, Amanda Plummer, Dominic Zamprogna, Luciana Carro, Nicki Clyne, Eileen Pedde, Lucy Lawless, Richard Hatch, Kandyse McClure, Lee Jeffery, Ryan Robbins, Leah Cairns, Rick Worthy, Rekha Sharma, Kate Vernon, Callum Keith Rennie, Matthew Bennett, Bodie Olmos
Tigh must decide the fate of his wife Ellen after the assistance she rendered to the Cylons. Lee struggles with his assignment to protect the civilian fleet on its journey toward Earth while Adama returns to New Caprica with just the Galactica. The Resistance coordinates an attack on the Cylons just as Galactica arrives. As the Cylons begin to lose control, Number Three vows to put a final end to the New Caprican experiment.

Episode 4
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