Battlestar Galactica: S04E13 The Oath


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Battlestar Galactica
The Oath
Season: 4
Episode: 13
Air date: 2009-01-30

Guest stars: Sebastian Spence, Richard Hatch, Ryan Robbins, Derek Delost, Vincent Gale, Michael Leisen, Craig Veroni, Alain Chanoine, Jen Halley, Alessandro Juliani, Alexandra Thomas, Mike Dopud, Andrew McIlroy, Marilyn Norry, Judith Maxie, Iris Paluly, Veena Sood, Keegan Connor Tracy, Leah Cairns, Lara Gilchrist, Brad Dryborough, Bodie Olmos, Colin Lawrence, Colin Corrigan, Ty Olsson
As Sam Anders recovers from his head injury onboard the Galactica, he begins to remember events from ancient Earth. The Final Cylon struggles with the fallout from the Final Five's former plans. One of the humanoid Cylons vows to get revenge for being created in the image of Man. Tyrol informs Admiral Adama about the extensive structural damage on the Galactica.

Episode 13
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