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Resident Evil 7


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Beat Resident Evil 7.

My friend had a copy of REmake and I remember him calling me up when we were kids. "Get your ass over here I gotta show you something." This was my first experience with Resident Evil we took turns roaming the halls for the undead, zombie dogs and looking for green herbs. It's a great place to start I suppose. We never did beat it just wandered around and that was a game enough. In retrospect I am pretty sure it was less about showing the game to me than just not having to play it himself.

I got the game myself one day and did about the same never beat it to this day just wandered around trying not to get scared. I eventually picked up RE2 and RE3 rereleases on the GameCube and got really into RE2. Beat it. To me it's probably still the best RE game. When 4 dropped it was a big deal for my gen. All my friends were playing it and everyone was talking about it. I finally got my hands on it and played to beat at least 3 times. It was a great game but I sorta burnt myself on the franchise. I havent played a RE game since. It was less scary and more action based and while fantastic it still felt like it was missing something.

I think what RE7 did great was return to its roots. What made RE what it is today. A scary damn haunted house. Taking a step back from all the lore and while not abandoning it focusing more on the scares and creeps. The switch to FPS is about as welcome as Metroid Prime is. It just gets the gamer more engaged. Of course there are purists that may find it unwelcome but it was an excellent decision.

Overall everything here is top notch. Music, characters, gameplay. Plus replayability. The Baker family is one of the franchises greatest creations and this will surely go down as one of RE 's finest games. In many ways it may be their best game yet.
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