Star Wars: The Clone Wars: S03E17 Ghosts of Mortis


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Ghosts of Mortis
Season: 3
Episode: 17
Air date: 2011-02-11

Guest stars: Samuel Witwer
The Jedi remain stranded on Mortis, and the Son, aligned with the dark side of the Force, renews his efforts to convert Anakin as the Jedi prepare for a decisive confrontation. Anakin is stunned by images of his dark future. The Son promises him the power to avert this destiny. The Father recognizes that the Son has broken the rules of time. He wipes Anakin's memory of these future visions, and steals the Mortis Dagger to end the conflict. The Father impales himself, thus preventing the Son from stealing his power. The Son, stunned by this, is run through by Anakin. With all three Force-wielders destroyed, the imbalance in the Force disappears on Mortis. The three Jedi are transplanted back to the galaxy proper, apparently at the moment that they disappeared.

Review: Honestly these three episodes are all good. And this episode doesn't add anything new. Just processes the story of the first two. I can only really just say it's good.
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