The Goat House Presents: Diablo III Review

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The Diablo series has long been one of the kings of the “dungeon crawler” genre. Blizzard Entertainment first released Diablo in 1996, and it appeared on the PC and the original PlayStation. The game has had two entries following the success of the first title with Diablo II, released in 2000, and Diablo III, released in 2012. Diablo III originally was just released on the PC, but it eventually made it’s way to both the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. More recently the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4, and now the Nintendo Switch.

The story of Diablo III occurs twenty years after the events of Diablo II. Players will create a character in one of the seven character classes, though you will only have five to choose from if you don’t own the Reaper Of Souls DLC or Rise Of The Necromancer DLC. With that character you will enter the town of New Tristram to investigate a star that has fallen out of the sky. Needless to say the story gets much more interesting and difficult as you progress through the five different acts. Each one offering different locations, dungeons, enemies, limited quests, etc. The game offers a ton of replay value, and encourages you to revisit areas, especially once you beat the game and unlock Adventure Mode.

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Yes, Adventure Mode. The end game, the goal for Diablo III players to achieve, and that’s when things get really interesting. It unlocks Bounties and Nephalem Rifts to complete, as well as new areas for players to conquer. Once completing things like Bounties you will receive awards in both XP, money, and treasure. This offers a ton of replayability to players. This isn’t even taking into account the Seasons that occur which requires players to create a new character and replay the story in Hardcore mode, meaning if you die in game your character is dead permanently. Progressing through the story in Seasons will allow for players to unlock exclusive items as well.
As mentioned earlier, there are seven character classes for players to choose from. They each offer advantages depending on your play style, and require different approaches and move sets as you play higher difficulties. The following character classes can be chosen, the first five are the character classes that shipped with the base game.

  • Barbarian
  • Demon Hunter
  • Monk
  • Witch Doctor
  • Wizard
  • Crusader* (Reaper Of Souls DLC)
  • Necromancer* (Rise Of The Necromancer DLC)
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Each of these characters play drastically different, and if you plan on conquering the 17 difficulty levels which range from Normal to Torment XIII. If you think you will be jumping right into one of the Torment levels with ease, it isn’t happening, you have to reach Level 60 first to even unlock them.

Graphically the game is enjoyable to look at. It is a dungeon crawling hack n slash, which aren’t always the most graphically impressive titles. But the sheer amount of enemies and little details in the enemies and environments is impressive at times. This creates a great atmosphere with the sound effects of the title. Playing the game with headphones on or a great sound system setup allows for a great experience when traversing through the Diablo III story. Personally once the story mode was completed I usually will listen to my music of choice while working through Adventure Mode, which I highly recommend.

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Simply put, the continued support for Diablo III has been through DLC that has released over the years, as well as the “Seasons” that allows players to earn exclusive items in game makes the game more than worthy of a purchase. Whether you want an immersive world to explore while gathering treasure and leveling up, or just to get lost while playing Adventure Mode and possibly listening to your own music (my personal favorite), Diablo III is a must own.

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I remember playing launch week.

I mean I tried playing launch days but like you could play 24/7 for the first 3 days and you'd be lucky to get in 10 hours of gameplay there were so many issues.

Not to mention that consoles have like a TON of hacking, which is why the PC players don't get offline play (hacking) at least there was a ton of hacking when I last played online with randos.

So I avoided that out of fear that someone might drop something that could corrupt my character save data.

I need to finish platnuming it. I have like 2 maybe 3 trophies left.

Also hardcore mode doesn't scale in difficulty. or at least it didn't when I tried to level up with people 10 levels higher than me and was getting pwned constantly where as in other modes a lvl gets upscaled to like a level 30 when playing with a lvl 30 so they can at least take a hit... not on Hardcore mode.