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The Goat House Presents: Grand Theft Auto V Review


Grand Theft Auto for me began when GTA III came out. Yes I had played the previous installments on the PlayStation 1, but GTA III is where I became hooked on the series. I had a friend that came over and was trying to explain to me that you could do anything in this game, from being a taxi driver to going on a rampage in the game. I simply couldn’t understand this scope of a game, that is until I got my hands on it. This game is the sole reason I purchased a PS2, period. Fast forward to 2013 when the launch of Grand Theft Auto V was upon us. It had already been announced that the game would feature several main characters and a robust online world with your own character that you created. Needless to say, I was excited about this release. Purchased the Xbox 360 and the PS3 copies of the game without hesitation. I had a feeling this game was about to change everything for Rockstar Games, and I was right.

The premise for Grand Theft Auto V takes things to a huge level never before seen in a video game of this scale. It revolves around three different characters that the player can control. Their stories are intertwined into an amazing campaign with tons of choices to make along the way. Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin Clinton are the three characters that the player can choose between. While there are missions that must be completed when playing through the main story, players can choose to play as whomever they want while free roaming the gigantic map of Los Santos. Each of the three characters brings not only a unique background that shapes the way they act, but also unique abilities that can be used while playing the game.


While the games have always offered interesting characters, as is the case in GTA V, this is by far the most vibrant world that actually feels alive that Rockstar Games has ever brought to life. People of Los Santos will be traversing the city, going to participate in hobbies, and even committing crimes throughout the map. Each of your characters has a cell phone to see different tasks, as well as doing things like text messaging or making calls. But one of the coolest things that was implemented in this game is a fully functioning fictional internet to browse. As usual many things that we see on a daily basis are made fun of in a hilarious way, but there is even a stock market that you can invest in to gain or lose money. All of these things allow for a completely immersive experience for gamers as they play through this masterpiece.

The general gameplay is similar to previous GTA titles, with improvements in every aspect. With the added skills/abilities, it makes completely different jobs/missions easier if you take the correct approach. There are many weapons to choose from, all with different ratings. So the choice is truly yours. The same goes for cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, submarines, mountain bikes, motorcycles, etc. The list goes on and on for ways you can traverse Los Santos.


What is even better is that the online mode that was introduced in GTA IV originally has been completely fleshed out now. Those that grow bored with the campaign can take their adventures into the mode simply known as GTA Online. They will find themselves in quite possibly one of the most successful ventures ever implemented in video games. Players will begin with creating their characters, and then the real fun begins. There have been countless additions to the game over the years since it originally launched. There have been a total of 34 content updates for the Online portion, with the 35th just being announced, finally implementing a Casino in the game. There is so much content in the game, you can do anything from own a nightclub to being the President of a Motorcycle Club. All you have to do is grind to get it, that or purchase the in game shark cards, which will give you easy cash to buy what you want for your GTA Online experience.


Graphically the game is gorgeous, even though it is 2019 and the game originally came out in 2013. It was completely overhauled for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can also take in how amazing some of the explosions that occur in game while in a shootout with an enemy that you encounter. But also simply driving around listening to your favorite radio stations is something I do on the regular. Which leads me to my next point, the radio stations. If there isn’t something for you on GTA V’s radio list, then I don’t know what to tell you. Below are the listed radio stations that players can enjoy:
  • West Coast Classics
  • Radio Mirror Park
  • East Los FM
  • Non Stop Pop
  • Radio Los Santos
  • Los Santos Rock Radio
  • Soulwax FM
  • Blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM
  • Worldwide FM
  • Channel X
  • Rebel Radio
  • The Blue Ark
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio
  • Los Santos Underground Radio
  • Space 103.2
  • Lowdown FM
  • The Lab
  • FlyLo FM
  • West Coast Talk Radio
  • Blaine County Talk Radio
Literally something for everyone is available regardless of music taste.


Overall GTA V is the game that can be played for countless hours when you factor in the GTA Online mode. It is meant to grind out missions so you can progress and attain your goals in that mode. The story is fantastic, and offers a different perspective with three distinctive characters that you will grow attached to as you play through the game. Simply put, if you haven’t picked up Grand Theft Auto V yet, do yourself a favor and get it. You are in for a treat.



I personally wouldn't give it a 10/10. I feel that sometimes there's not enough to do, or at least not the last time I played it.

Don't get me wrong there's a lot going on, but I feel like that Burnout Paradise thing where you have to try and beat the basic record on a road by driving the whole road without crashing as fast as you can and trying to beat other people's scores...

I feel like that would have made my experience in the game 10x more enjoyable. Especially if I could have earned a little cash by just going street by street and taking my car and trying to beat old times. I doubt they added that function but to me that would have been a massive QOL update while I'm waiting for people to get home, sign in, etc, in betweeen drug runs, or while waiting for things to happen in the lobby.

Then again I stopped playing around the armored bunker update. I bought the game to play with a friend who played on XboxOne because 2 coworkers were playing on Xbox One, and SUPPOSEDLY they were working on cross platform access.

I never played single player and I'll never find the stories from 3 years ago where they were talking about cross-platform Xbox One and PS4.

But who cares about my opinion. Game has sold 120 million copies. I could give it a 1/google and tell you every possible bad thing out of the game, and we'd end up with maybe 1 less sale out of 120 million copies.

Even if I gave it a 10/10 and told everyone I knew to buy it...How many people do I actually know that don't own it. and could their sales even hit 125 million copies?

lol. Wait for it to go on sale, grab it with a shark card bundle, and enjoy.

Just what ever you do.... DO NOT fall into the hole with the gambling casino stuff and end up spending more money than you should be. I'm roughly on 9.0 out of 10. Never played the single player.
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