The Goat House Presents: Mutt Bars Review

I have been lifting for close to 25 years. It began honestly when I started playing football, and continued through my college football career. Needless to say it became an important part of my daily regimen to living a healthy life. But once my playing days were over I quickly found out that there was more to lifting than the basic lifts. I began learning about things like yoga, the importance of cardio, and alternatives to various lifts. So now that I am trying to build an actual home gym, I quickly found myself at Rogue Fitness. This is where I stumbled upon the Mutt Bar set that just so happened to be in stock.

The bars themselves can be bought individually or in a bundle. Here are the details for what is available.
  • Mutt Bar - 22 lbs ($106.50)
  • Mutt Bar - 33 lbs ($112.50)
  • Mutt Bar - 44 lbs ($124.50)
  • Mutt Bar - 55 lbs ($136.50)
  • Mutt Bar - 66 lbs ($166.50)
  • Mutt Rack ($175.00)
This brings your total to $821.50 if you were to buy them individually. You can also purchase the entire set, with the rack included for $805, saving you $16.50. But for those that may be unsure about the Mutt Bars, you may want to purchase piece by piece, which is completely understandable.

The quality of the Mutt Bars is second to none. They are listed as a “Specialty Bar” because of the unique design, and trust me, they are special. The amount of workouts you can accomplish with the set is impressive. The bars are made of single piece cast iron, completely solid. They are all 33” in length, and 10” in height. So when all stored on the rack they look quite good.

Now onto what workouts can be done with these. Truly the list is endless, so I will simply show a circuit that I do if I was doing an Upper Body and Lower Body split. Each lift is a 1 min. burn out, and each rest is for 30 sec.
Upper Body
  • Hammer Curls
  • Rest
  • Overhead Shoulder Press
  • Rest
  • Close Chest Press
  • Rest
  • Skull Crushers
  • Rest
  • High Pulls
  • Rest
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Rest
  • Straight Arm Front Raises
Complete a minimum of 3 sets of this Upper Body Circuit.

Lower Body
  • Front Squats
  • Rest
  • Lunges
  • Rest
  • Running In Place High Knees
  • Rest
  • Overhead Deep Squats
  • Rest
  • Jump Rope
  • Rest
  • Stiff Leg Dead Lifts
  • Rest
Complete a minimum of 3 sets of this Lower Body Circuit.

This is just a small sample of the workouts that you can complete with the set. Some people may think that the Mutt Bars aren’t heavy enough, and honestly I thought that as I ordered them, but I promise you they are enough. I can lift close to 500lbs in many lifts, and have lifted for many years. I just assumed I would be using the 66lb Mutt Bar for everything, and my wife would use the others. This is definitely not the case. Many times I found myself using many of the lighter bar options when completing the above workouts.

Truthfully I couldn’t recommend the Mutt Bars enough. They are well worth the investment for those looking to add something different to their workout routines. The quality is unmatched, and they are solid bars from top to bottom. These will be an amazing addition to my workouts for years to come. HERE is a direct link to purchase the Mutt Bars.


Thad Castle

These look freaking awesome. I remember you telling me you were thinking about ordering them. Badass review as always.